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Online Dubai provides updated prices for new cars, used cars for sale in Dubai, and latest news from the automotive world. We cover a range of brands and several car models. Since its launch, our website has received outstanding support from the community.

When buying, you must consider the reputation of the make of a vehicle in Dubai. This will significantly affect the car’s re-sale value. For instance, the reputation of economical but lesser known Korean type automobiles is not great and so they depreciate rapidly. Some European cars such as Lancia, Renault, etc. also depreciate very fast.

The big, major companies such as Nissan, Toyota, Ford, BMW, Porsche, etc. are likely to hold their value well. So, whether to buy a new or second-hand car is entirely up to you. Some don’t buy new cars in Dubai where as some always do. Opting for the end of the model year may give you a good markdown. Buying cars for sale in Dubai UAE is often influenced by model year and this is a considerable factor when it comes to defining the value of second-hand cars.

If you are looking to go for 2nd hand cars in Dubai, beware of the vehicles that have been imported from overseas. Ensure it hasn’t been stolen, they have the right specification for our roads and the dealer can maintain it. If you are not an expert, go for cars that were initially sold by the original manufacturer in Dubai. Hence, checking the history of all used cars in Dubai is vital. You can also enquire the seller for a vehicle maintenance record to find out that the car has been taken care of regularly. Make sure that you know the car you choose has the accurate specification and it has not been stolen. Our website displays used cars for sale in Dubai with pictures.

Certified used car dealers offer a guarantee and generally provide customers with the remainder of the warranty. If you choose other dealers, confirm to personally check the car. Don’t go private unless you are a car savvy. Have an obvious idea of what you require before you start looking for used cars or cars’ prices in Dubai. Take into account the amount you can afford to spend in addition to the style, size, and features you desire. For example, a sporty little two-seater would not be an option if you have children. Knowing what you need in a used car will help prevent irrational buying and regrets later on.

Take advantage of our website and be sure that you are buying the right car for your own requirements.

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Engine Petrol
ConditionNew (mileage 8117 km)
AED  73 000 ~ $  19 945
Engine5.5 Petrol
ConditionNew (mileage 64 km)
€  173 000
Engine2700 Petrol
ConditionExcellent (mileage 51000 km)
31 000 ~ AED  113 460
Engine Petrol
ConditionExcellent (mileage 451 km)
AED  100 000 ~ $  27 322
ConditionExcellent (mileage 999 km)
€  3 259
Engine2.4 Petrol
ConditionGood (mileage 140000 km)
AED  29 000 ~ $  7 923
Engine4.7 Petrol
ConditionExcellent (mileage 42000 km)
250 000 ~ AED  915 000
Engine Petrol
ConditionExcellent (mileage 44300 km)
130 000 ~ AED  475 800
Engine5.7 Petrol
ConditionExcellent (mileage 30195 km)
6 000 ~ AED  21 960
Engine Petrol
ConditionExcellent (mileage 75500 km)
AED  83 500 ~ $  22 814