Absolute Barbecues is set to woo Dubai with unique grilling experience

4 Jan 2015

The multi-cuisine grill restaurant chain, Absolute Barbecues (AB’s), with its live cooking has made its debut in Dubai. It has consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in the Indian cities Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

Absolute Barbecues believes in the concept of ‘Do It Yourself.’ The same concept in incorporated in its system to present a unique grilling experience to the guests. The grilling option has a wide range of cuisines from across the globe. The restaurant chain has functionalized this concept by providing Live Charcoal Grill on each table along with a centralized Live World Grill Station. Besides, AB’s also provides extensive main course menu that includes delicious veg, non-veg dishes and excellent desserts. AB’s first distinctive outlet in the international market is at Fraser Suites which is located inside Sidra Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road near Gems Wellington School. Its uniqueness lies in the exquisite dinners that it provides at extremely reasonable prices in the form of an extraordinary buffet.

The location is indeed strategic as guests travelling from both sides of the Sheikh Zayed Road can reach the restaurant using the Exit 36. With a total capacity of 174 diners, spreading over a total area of 6300 sq. ft, it ranks as one amongst the largest destinations for buffet in Dubai. With such a huge area, the restaurant has an impressive team of 30 people for assisting and advising the guests on grilling. The serving staff also provides information to the guests on all the dishes that are served on the table.

The restaurant chain takes every conscious effort to offer the guests with a unique buffet experience and intends to offer a personalized grilling facility. General Manager of the AB, Mr. Razeen Parambill, opines that the grilling experience provided by the restaurant is a lot more superior as compared to the other places in Gulf. He further states that the restaurant has been built by people who are the champions in this field and have pioneered the concept for many years in India. These people are now skilled enough to conquer the world with their buffet and other culinary skills. On behalf of AB’s, Mr. Parambill claims that the management is not driven by money but passion and intends to serve each customer genuinely. This multi-cuisine grill restaurant chain offers its guests with a huge collection of fresh meat and vegetables as well as interesting seafood which the guests can grill according to their preference.

The restaurant takes pride in its exclusive dips, salads and sauces that are all manufactured in-house. These are made by using the freshest garden herbs. There are also certain ingredients and recipes that are exclusive to AB’s. The taste that one gets here is of unmatched quality which is due to the fact that the spices and marinades used in them are all prepared by skilled in-house chefs. To make things even better, gourmet grillers often visit the guests at their tables to collect suggestions and recommendations. AB’s operates on the principle that grilling is all about bonding, fun and celebration which is actually reflected in the ambience of AB’s outlet in Dubai.

According to Mr. Razeen Parambill the management here has cleverly customized the menu in accordance to the taste buds of the international community residing in the UAE. He further said that in comparison to the Indian outlets, the menu offered here is more internationally oriented. Another aspect of the uniqueness of the restaurant is that it hosts a wide range of excellent vegetarian dishes which indeed is uncommon with respect to a multi cuisine restaurant.

To add to the variety, there is a wide selection of exclusive Indian sweets and desserts like the delicious signature cold stone creamery which can be customized in accordance to the preference of the diners. These desserts are generally complimentary to the sizzling barbecues and main course. Besides great food and barbecue, AB’s also welcomes its guests by allowing them to park their cars for free, offering complimentary bottled water for drinking and operating a no tips policy.

The restaurant employs people who are skilled and proficient in ensuring excellent standard of customer service and ensuring best levels of service. The restaurant offers with both buffet lunch (12pm- 4pm) and buffet dinner (6 pm-midnight). It is also an apt place for hosting corporate lunches, festivities, celebrations and casual get together. AB’s intends to follow a strategy of opening 15 more outlets by the end of 2015, including major Indian cities.

Source: www.onlinedubai.com