Real Estate in Dubai

Real estate in Dubai is a booming industry that opens a new world of investment. Whether it is residential real estate, commercial real estate, retail space, office space or luxury properties there are numerous choices that interested investors can opt to invest in. With the existence of free trade zones, Dubai has created unique investment opportunities for investors. The value of real estate in UAE has great value. You can invest in villas, townhouses, penthouse, apartments, land plot, office, warehouse, restaurant, etc. Properties overlooking the beach and apartments that are balconied are a major investment choice. Talking about waterfront properties, the developments around Dubai Marina has especially attracted the attention of investors. The area has some luxurious apartment towers and is surrounded by excellent luxury facilities including restaurants, day-care centers, shopping malls and fitness facilities. Real estate in Dubai is quite attractive. There are some areas in the city where you can find apartments with private beach and villas on the beach. The best way to find a great property in Dubai is to get in touch with experienced real estate agencies. The real estate agents are aware of the properties in different areas and the price of properties according to their location. For those looking for luxury properties will find some enticing deals at Burj Al Arab. With several upcoming real estate projects and increase in the number of expatiates in the emirate, it is evident that Dubai is growing at an excellent rate. Most of the new construction properties that are being planned in Dubai are eco-friendly so that no harm is caused to the environment. There are many reasons that convince people to invest in real estate in Dubai. The first reason is that there is no tax imposed on residents of Dubai. The second reason is that Dubai is a great place to live in and has a low crime rate.

Buy apartment in UAE

If you are looking to buy apartment in Dubai, you can find numerous options. Dubai is also known across the world for its luxuriant lifestyle and luxury apartments. The property market in Dubai has expanded in the recent years and today, the emirate also allows expats to buy properties in freehold areas. The apartment price in Dubai is affordable and it is a good time to invest in apartments for sell in Dubai. Dubai is a city that is home to people from all around the world and to suit its status it offers a variety of accommodation facilities. Properties in UAE are expanding at a quick rate and if you are looking to buy apartment in UAE you can find some great deals. The builders in Dubai are working to make Dubai into one of the best places to live in. Before buying any property in Dubai check whether it is a freehold property and also make a check on the background of the developer and their previous developments. Before sealing the deal, know what you are paying for. Ask your property developer whether you will be paying for the net or the gross area.

Residential For Sale

1923 offers
Size742 Sq.Ft ~ 69 m²
AED  270 000 ~ $  73 770
Price for Sq.Ft   AED 364 ~ $ 99
Size475 Sq.Ft ~ 44 m²
Bedrooms0 (Studio)
AED  215 000 ~ $  58 743
Price for Sq.Ft   AED 453 ~ $ 124
Size484 Sq.Ft ~ 45 m²
Bedrooms0 (Studio)
AED  215 000 ~ $  58 743
Price for Sq.Ft   AED 444 ~ $ 121
Villa in Damac Hills (Akoya by Damac)
Damac Hills (Akoya by Damac)
Size2 400 Sq.Ft ~ 223 m²
AED  2 299 900 ~ $  628 388
Price for Sq.Ft   AED 958 ~ $ 262
Size1 947 Sq.Ft ~ 181 m²
AED  1 199 888 ~ $  327 838
Price for Sq.Ft   AED 616 ~ $ 168
Villa in Jumeirah Village
Jumeirah Village, Jumeirah Village Circle
Size3 271 Sq.Ft ~ 304 m²
AED  2 590 000 ~ $  707 650
Price for Sq.Ft   AED 792 ~ $ 216
Size680 Sq.Ft ~ 63 m²
AED  320 000 ~ $  87 432
Price for Sq.Ft   AED 471 ~ $ 129
Apartment in Dubai Hills Estate
Dubai Hills Estate, Park Ridge
Size651 Sq.Ft ~ 60 m²
AED  800 000 ~ $  218 579
Price for Sq.Ft   AED 1 229 ~ $ 336
Apartment in Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah, Oceana, Oceana Southern
Size1 890 Sq.Ft ~ 176 m²
AED  1 850 000 ~ $  505 464
Price for Sq.Ft   AED 979 ~ $ 267
Villa in Dubai Silicon Oasis
Dubai Silicon Oasis
Size4 200 Sq.Ft ~ 390 m²
AED  2 580 000 ~ $  704 918
Price for Sq.Ft   AED 614 ~ $ 168